Sunday, December 20, 2009

MP3 Stim file with Wicked Effects: Tickle My Elmo

This is a new File that is designed to stim the prostate as well as the cock.
Channel A has a groovy new file that runs from 400 HZ to 1300 Hz with a break at 700 Hz and random volume decreses. Sliky Smooth as always.

Track 1 "Dancing Elmo" has a similar groove on Channel B its out of phase and should feel good placed on the cock or prostate.

Track 2 "Tickle my Elmo", Channel A has same smooth Grove but Channel B has BiPolar waves at about 800 Hz

WARNING Track 3 may be painfull on some AMPS.

Track 3 "Extreme Tickle my Elmo" Channel A has same smooth Grove but Channel B has BiSquare waves at about 800 Hz

I have also included the entire "Kit" which is all the components of the wave that I use to create it.

Its can be downloaded free from MediaFire

Sunday, December 13, 2009

How to Video: Electrode hook up and Tri-Phase


Download from mediafire

How to Build an erotic electro stimulation amp

How to build a basic amplifier for erotic electro stim.
Sorry the camera was set at 320x240 instead of HD, my bad but it still does a decent job of explaining how to build an MP3 speaker based amplifier.

Download from mediafire if you prefer

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Aurora MP3 Stim File

After the success of Cayenne I have developed another routine with similar waves.
The file is similar in that it starts at 1500 Hz and drops to 250 Hz then rises again to 1500 Hz in about .5 sec per cycle.

There are 5 different files using the effect
Track 1 = Both Channels with Bump effects from 9pps to about 19pps
Track 2 = Channel A is same Track 1 but B is shifted by .5 seconds and has 6 to 19 pps effect, This should make for interesting Phase changes between channels.
Track 3 = Channel A is same Track 1 but B has Bullett effects at 750 Hz
Track 4 = Channel A is same Track 1 but B has Bump Squeeze at 680 Hz
Track 5 = Channel A is same Track 1 but B has Bumps at 1 pps rising to 18pps

Full Files are over 1 Hr 15 min long and 68 Meg download so it is only on Media Fire account

Sunday, October 25, 2009


Ok so my main hard drive crashed about 2 weeks ago so I have had to re-install windows, Goldwave, etc. I was able to save the data from the old drive but the windows install is kaput.

Anyway so I had some time today (Sunday), I tried to watch some football but none of the games were that interesting so I worked on fixing XP. I got XP drivers, Firefox and Goldwave installed, my audio drives re-installed, etc, etc..

So I had an idea for a new file this one is rather crazy it goes from 1500 Hz down to 250 Hz and back again in 0.2 sec, thats right it makes a huge frequency spike up and down 5 times per second.

I call it Cayenne, it should be a bit Spicy.
Track 3 has some combinations of 300 Hz Trode B waves combined with the Cayenne effect. That should be pretty powerful, Derrick that file is for you.

Feedback is welcome and the file is uploaded to MediaFire and Skydrive

Sunday, October 11, 2009